Triple big fat sigh on this, and for that matter, a double bourbon on the rocks won’t do, I may need a triple there, as well.
I am g-d sick and tired of politicians who put party over country, who put the interests of the corporations and the very wealthy, over the vast majority of their voters.

Empty Nest, Full Life

I love politics, as sickening as it is. I generally spend a fair amount of time reading about policy, and about legislation.

I’ve been deeply immersed in the insanity that has unfolded in this country over the past year. I have written about it on LiberalAmerica and here in this blog. I’ve talked, argued, debated, read, shed a lot of tears.

I watched most of the Iran-Contra hearings. I was riveted.

I watched every single minute of the Comey hearing.

Now I’m trying, to the best of my ability (cough, cough), to watch the “testimony” of our current Attorney General and for the very first time in my 61 years of life, I must tell you that I in complete despair about our government.

What I am watching is a room full of people who have been elected to take care of US, to guide the laws of OUR COUNTRY…

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Greek Rabbit Stew

Kouneli stifado.


1 medium-size rabbit (about 1 1/2 kg), cut into serving pieces

For the marinade
2 cups dry red wine
2 bay leaves
6-10 allspice berries
1 cinnamon stick

Flour for dredging
1 cup olive oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 pounds small round stewing onions, whole
2 cups dry red wine
1 cup chopped tomato
2 bay leaves
1 cinnamon stick
1 orange

Peel onions Wash and cut orange into 8 wedges
Remove and discard the innards from the rabbit.
Wash the rabbit well and pat dry.
1. Place rabbit in a large bowl. Pour in the wine, and add the bay leaves, allspice berries and cinnamon. Marinate the rabbit overnight, covered, in the refrigerator.

2. In a wide, heavy stewing pot, heat half a cup of olive oil.
2. Add the onions and cook in the oil over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes, until the onions are lightly browned and translucent.
3. Shake the pot back and forth over the course of cooking the onions, so that they turn and brown on all sides.
4. In the meantime, remove the rabbit from the marinade, pat dry and dredge lightly with flour.
5. Discard the marinade. Remove onions with a slotted spoon and set aside.
6. Add another quarter cup of olive oil to the pot and heat.
7. Place the rabbit pieces in the pot and sear to brown over medium-high heat, turning on all sides.
8. Place the orange wedges over the rabbit.
9. Pour in the wine and tomato; add the bay leaves and cinnamon stick. Lower heat and cover.
10. Simmer rabbit over low heat for about one and a half hours, or until tender. Remove, cool slightly and serve.

Yes, I’m feeling vengeful because of the rabbit eating many of my bean plants.
And yes, you can make this with chicken. My mother did- she didn’t have a source for rabbit meat.
And yes, it involves a lot of red wine. Yassou!