Charter School Lotteries – Why Most Families Don’t Even Apply

And yet, we have billionaires like the Gates, the Waltons, Broad, etc, etc, spending a whole lot of their bucks promoting charter schools. Even though these people know nothing about education, and they send their kids to exclusive private schools.
And also nut to mention that we have a Secretary of “Education” who goes even farther than this and wants every state and school district to give voucher money to parents who want to send their kids to a private school, inluding religious private schools.


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Who gets to enroll in your school?

This question is at the heart of the charter school debate.

While traditional public schools have to accept any student who meets residency requirements, charter schools can be entirely more selective.

They don’t have to take just any student. They can pick and choose based on pretty much whatever criteria they want.

Despite the fact that charters are publicly funded and privately run, transparency requirements are so low in most states that regulators aren’t even allowed to check up on their enrollment practices.

It’s a situation rife with the potential for fraud and abuse with America’s most vulnerable students often being victimized and huge corporations raking in record profits.

Critics say that charter schools routinely accept only the easiest students to educate. They take those with the best academic records, without disciplinary problems or special education needs. This allows them…

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5 thoughts on “Charter School Lotteries – Why Most Families Don’t Even Apply”

  1. There is one charter school in my county. Supposedly students are picked by lottery. However there is or was no bus service to this school and parents had to be able to pick up and drop off students.


    1. That right there selects for parents who are at least well enough off to afford a car, and who don’t have to work 12 hours a day at two jobs each just to pay the rent and put food on the table.


      1. Pretty much or if they are working all the time they would have to find someone willing to pick up their kids and watch them until they got off of work. It only goes to 8th grade and then they have to go to the high school they are districted into. I never even thought of attempting to put my child into it because of the hassle and then the fact that they’re going to probably be going to different schools after 8th grade and would not be able to keep those friends. All in all I just do not see the point in charter schools.


    1. There are all kinds of reasons for the rise of charter schools.
      Yes, some reasons are legitimately because the local schools are poorly-performing, and parents want an alternative. Some of these types of charter schools have been started by parents and teachers, in states where the charters are still answerable to the local school district, and are transparent.
      Unfortunately, this is pretty rare.
      Way too many charters have been started for the wrong reasons:
      To destroy the teachers unions and be able to pay poorly trained “teachers” less.
      To make money. Even the so-called not-for-profit, “public” charter schools way too often wind up giving contracts to crony companies to run this or that, and paying their principals and other administrators big, big bucks. Of public money. Yet they are not accountable to the public for the taxpayer dollars they are misusing.
      And to re-establish more and more segregation in the modern age. Think segregation is over? Think again. I will be posting another article from Gadflyonthewall Blog soon about this topic.


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